How I fight with my fear

How I fight with my fear?

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There can be many things that scare you, everyone had once in their life going through something that scares them. That scary things and the anxieties convert into fear. I have been through many scary things in my life that mentally disturb me. It is very tough for a person to overcome through all these negative things and live a positive life.

When you are suffering from any kind of psychological disorders it is very difficult to gain the self-confidence and face the reality. I use to be a shy kid from childhood, this creates many problems in my life. I use to be trouble with many thoughts that are not real. When I grew up I still fear from opening up with people and getting out in the world.

My lack of confidence and low self-esteem cause trouble for me. But then I realize that this is not going to help me out if I want to live a positive life, so I decide to cope up with this problem and gain my confidence back.

How I fight with my fear and Anxiety

So here I am going to share some tips with you that will help you to fight with your fears and anxieties like they work for me.

Take time out


It is very difficult to think when you are flooded with fear and anxiety. It is next to impossible for people to think right surrounded with this feeling. The most important thing to do at that time is to take time out, it will calm you physically.

To distract myself from fear and anxiety I usually start walking and engage myself in other activities .like making teas or coffee.

Face your fears

living good

Avoiding the problems make them bigger. Same is for fear, I learn one thing from my experience is that avoiding the fears only makes them scarier. Whatever your fear, start facing it and you will check that it starts fading. If you panic about getting into a lift, for example, it’s best to get back into a lift and conquer the fear.

 Imagine the worst


Try imagining the worst thing that can happen. Perhaps it’s panicking and having a heart attack but try to think the worst scenario. The fear will run more away, the more you chase it.

Don’t try to be perfect

Positive-Attitude in fear

Having a perfect life is impossible. Life is full of stresses. Bad days and setbacks happen they are phases of life, and it’s important to remember that life is messy. After every sunset, there is always sunrise. Don’t panic, just enjoy the flow.

Breathe through panic


The most common problem is a panic attack. To fight with your fear just try to stay away from the places that may cause the panic attack. I will tell you that how I face such kind of conditions, I just place the palm on the stomach and breathe slowly and deeply. This works great for me. The main goal is to help the mind get used to coping with panic and it automatically takes the fear away.

Go back to basics


It is seen people often start drugs or alcohol to treat anxiety and fear. This makes the conditions and situation worse. Don’t do that, just try to have a good night sleep.  Go back to basics and have the wholesome meal.

Talk about it

Talk about fear

The most important factor that helps me out to cure my fear is sharing. Sharing the fears and talk with people can help you most. Talk to your friend or family, because after all family is the only thing that will always be there for you.

Try to figure out what are the things that are causing the fear and anxiety problem to you.  If you can find out the main reason behind the problem then it will be easier for you to fight out. This is how I fight with my fear, hope this will help you out!

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