you shouldn’t eat the same food for all day

Why you shouldn’t eat the same food all day out?

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After a long tired day, it’s very difficult and hectic to think about making something special in the kitchen. We often think that it is going to be too much of a task to plan and prepare the new meal. And as a result, we often end up ordering foods from outside or preparing. Sometimes we even end up making something that is easy to make in the kitchen.  This often makes you fall into the habit of cooking the same meals frequently that saves our time and effort.

Why you shouldn’t eat the same food all day out?

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Too much of anything is never good

Eating and repeating the same foods every day is not cool, but we might do it for the sake of convenience. Do you wonder that you are eating healthy food but still not losing the weight?

It is because the so-called healthy diet that we repeat daily is not letting us lose the weight.

When you try the variety of foods, you’re more likely to have a bacterial diversity in your gut. The diversity in the food keeps the diseases like diabetes away and play a crucial role in keeping your weight in check.


A little bit of everything

Our diet needs to contain little things of each nutrient. The best diet includes a little bit of everything. Each food and micronutrient have a specialist enzyme.

If we eat the same food, again and again, our body would preferably host bacteria that is required to utilize the food we ate.  And it might reduce the presence of bacteria that would have been used to digest some other foods that we never eat.

Repeating the same diet for all day long may harmful to your overall wellbeing. Your body should get everything it needs, if our body completely misses out on some bacteria or enzymes, then it might have a negative impact on our anatomy.


Why you shouldn’t eat the same food day in and day out because:

  • Each food item has specific enzymes associate in it
  • These enzymes help maintain physiological balance
  • Missing on some foods for long may lead to a deficiency of such enzymes

So to stay healthy, one should make sure that at least eat small amounts of all types of food items. It might not always feel awesome to eat foods that you don’t like much, but it definitely going to pay you back with health rewards.

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